About the blog

Thank you for your visit.  In this blog, I record my personal reflections on the Gospel, taking as my text the Gospel selected for the day's Mass.

I live in Wales, and therefore follow the liturgical calendar for England and Wales, including the holy days transferred by the Bishops' Conference to the nearest Sunday.

Feel free to email me: christopher@ecce-verbum.com  

Read the Gospel first!

Many of the posts assume that you have read the indicated Gospel passage first, and they might not make much sense otherwise.


Some regular readers may have noticed that most of my previous reflections have disappeared from the archive.  I am making some changes to the way I quote the Bible in them, and will hopefully republish them soon.


My primary resource is the Bible, but I may take inspiration from other sources.  If ever I take an idea of somebody else's and use it in a post, I shall give the credit where it is due.  If you spot an omission in this regard, please point it out.

My Bible quotations are taken from the Douay-Rheims translation.

Psalm numbering

Most of the Psalms in the Hebrew Bible are numbered differently to the Psalms in the Greek Old Testament.  When quoting a Psalm, I will normally use the Greek numbering first, with the Hebrew numbering in brackets afterwards.  Most Bibles use the Hebrew numbering, so if you're using a Bible (apart from the Douay-Rheims and perhaps a few others), look at the number in brackets.  Liturgical books, such as the Missal and the Breviary, tend to use the Greek numbering.  If in doubt, check the Psalms immediately before and after the one you're looking at, and one of them should match the one in my reflection.


I like to use a capital letter at the beginning of pronouns referring to God, and will usually do so, even when quoting a text that does not.  I do not like the conventions of inclusive language, particularly the use of "he or she" which usually makes a sentence clumsy, or the use of "they" for a single person which is simply wrong, but nor do I like using exclusively male pronouns when gender needn't be specific.  Instead, I try to alternate between male and female where appropriate.


These are my own thoughts, and I claim no authority for them.  I welcome open discussion, and will be delighted to receive comments, agreeing, disagreeing, developing ideas, whatever.  It may take a while for your comments to appear, because I have chosen to moderate them all personally first.  If that becomes too onerous, I shall first of all be flattered that so many comments are coming in, and secondly may revise this choice.

Please do not hesitate to disagree with me - nobody ever learnt anything new by being agreed with all the time - but please be polite.